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We have sold hundreds of Cars and Trucks for many people over the past 17 years through our Consignment Program at No Cost to the owner.

If you have a vehicle to sell or think you might trade, consignment may offer an excellent alternative for you to get the Best Price without any hassle or haggling. Knowing the best way to advertise, along with having the ability to react to fluctuations in price within the automotive industry, is an essential element in today's competitive market. Also, you may not have time to field phone calls or you may be worried about strangers coming to your home. Let us assist you with selling your vehicle FAST and without any wasted time or worries. Remember, there is absolutely NO COST TO YOU FOR THIS SERVICE!!!

The Basics Of Our Consignment Program
  • We use the NADA bank loan figures and Suggested Retail to establish a realistic selling price.
  • By using the South East Official Black Book Wholesale Guide, we can tell what a current dealer would pay for a similar vehicle. By adding an estimated profit, we can price your vehicle slightly below them to get better and quicker responses to our advertising.
  • We pay for a Professional Reconditioning at the time we place it on our lot. After we sell your vehicle, we do a complete check over with oil/filter change and new NC safety inspection.
  • We do extensive print and internet advertising with hundreds of search engines to drive prospective clients to our website.
  • We discount vehicles and sell at a realistic fair price, therefore we should attract what few buyers are in the market.
  • Last but not least is for us to talk about your particular automobile and come to an agreeable figure that is satisfactory with you. We add a small profit plus our expenses and offer it at the true market price. We price vehicles very close and most times with no wiggle room.
For additional information and a appointment to discuss your car, please call or email us today at 336.248.4144

We are honored to present an exceptional selection of Premium Cars, Trucks, Convertibles, and Roadsters at Affordable & Discounted Prices. We acquire these quality vehicles from; personnel consignment clients, trade-ins, and several dealers. We do a complete check over/inspection that includes the following wrapped up with a Clean, Polish, and Detail at high standards.

  1. New oil filter.
  2. Transmission fluid checked.
  3. Air filters cleaned or replaced.
  4. Belts & hoses examined and replaced as needed.
  5. A North Carolina Safety Inspection is done.
  6. Safety Check Over: Brakes, Exhaust, Suspension and Other items.
  7. Tires reviewed, rotated, and replaced as needed.
  8. Alignment and tire balance is done if needed.
  9. All options are checked for operation.
  10. Jack and spare tire are checked.
  11. Brakes must be at least 50% or replaced.
  12. We examine the vehicle for leaks and other defects.
  13. We try to test drive each vehicle 25 miles to identify any road ability problems.

Our Goal is Simple- Provide the best selection of affordable convertible touring and sports cars at the Best Possible Price. We hope to grow our inventory over the coming months, so please check back frequently to see what’s new!


After we receive a vehicle on our lot to sell, it will go through a check in procedure. We then identify any work that will be needed and make arrangements to get it taken care of. If a vehicle is on consignment, we insist it is in good working order and free of defects. If some work is needed we will take care of it for the new owner. We will do a complete check over and servicing at the time it is sold.

Purchased Vehicles

Our purchased vehicles are sent to the servicing shop to get a complete check over and service. All of the above service and repairs are done before the sale.

After the servicing has been completed the car, truck, or van goes to the reconditioning shop. It gets a first class carpet shampooing, leather or cloth seats cleaned, trunk and motor areas are then detailed. Finally a light buffing and a good coat of wax make it ready for the lot.

Our mission is to make the vehicle look and perform as close to new as possible both mechanically and appearance wise. Since these are pre-owned and not new, please realize everything has its limits. Offering an accurate appraisal and an honest product that we will both be proud of is our GOAL.

Thank you for viewing our inventory!!!

Joan & Jeff March

If a dealer's good reputation is very important and quality is what you demand then we feel by providing BOTH, PLUS the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE, why would you want to buy anywhere else ?

Joan and I believe that a premium vehicle also should not be difficult to Locate or Purchase. We have followed this philosophy for the last 12 years while building a successful Consignment Discount Car & Truck Family Business from our home. We are now adding Carolina Convertible Cars so we can provide a wide variety of convertibles and roadsters that meet a high standard but are reasonably priced. You may find a 3, 5, 10 or even a 40 year old automobile that may interest you. As we purchase new cars and get new consignments in, we invite you to check back often. Also please tell your friends about us. - Thank You !

If you would like to ship a vehicle anywhere in the United States or Canada, we have several transportation carriers. Prices have changed over the last couple of years. It should cost about $500 - $1000 per 1000 to 1500 miles. Open carriers are the cheapest method while closed carriers may cost a little more, but will protect the vehicle better. After the first 1000 miles, it will be less expensive per mile.

As an example: If you ship from Lexington, NC to Los Angeles, CA you may pay about $1500 for an open carrier. It may be more fun to fly into a local airport like Piedmont Triad International in Greensboro, NC or Charlotte International. We will be happy to meet you at NO CHARGE. We can also arrange or direct you to a great local overnight accommodation.

Located in Lexington, just five miles from our facility, is the new Childress Winery and Hotel. Also the famous Richard Childress Racing Complex is located in Welcome, NC and it's only five miles away in the other direction. You can also enjoy some of the Best Pork BBQ found anywhere in the Country. Lexington is known as the "BBQ Capital" and has a one day BBQ Festival that attracts over 100,000 people every year. And after a pleasant stay in the area, you can head home with the top down and the wind in your hair !

We have sold hundreds of Cars and Trucks for many people over the past 13 years through our Consignment Program at No Cost to the owner.

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May 2015

To All Who Are Administering to the Lord’s Will

My name is Joan March and my husband is Jeff March. We would like to invite anyone who would like to walk a spiritual journey (sort to speak). We have a labyrinth that is 11 years old with over 400 plants in 100” diameter. It is quite a walk but it is for our brothers and sisters that might need to meditate or pray or just be in silence with Mother Nature. It is very serene and a beautiful place. If someone is going through some sort of situation, then we would like to extend to them and their loved ones & share what Mother Nature has to offer - Peace & solitude. You can run, walk, cry &/or enjoy this wonderful place that the Lord has given to our area. It is not Joan & Jeff’s place, it is for all here to enjoy and give back to others. We are very blessed to have such a special place that we can share and we hope you are all going to take advantage of this!!!

Blessings to all!!!

The March’s
156 March Manor Drive
Lexington, NC 27295

Labyrinth Walks

For: Meditative Purposes; Peace & Solitude; Getting in touch-Mother Nature and a Higher Power

Before entering the labyrinth:
“Be Open to Spirit”

  • The only question one needs to ask upon entering is “What do I need to know or learn?” In the center of the walk, the answer will come or a seed maybe planted.
  • Be conscious of the moment & soak in nature’s bounty and beauty, respecting Mother Earth and each other.
  • Walk at your own risk and you must wear shoes.
  • Don’t forget something to drink!
  • Groups are welcome!


Location: Behind March Motorcars, Inc
3132 Old US HWY 52 (Old Winston Road/ Route 8 N)
GPS Address: 156 March Manor Drive,
Lexington, NC 2795
336-248-4455 (Office) or 240-0588 (Joan’s Cell)

A Meditation Tool

An age old method of praying, the labyrinth is a perfect metaphor for our journey through life. If you take a moment to visually follow the labyrinth’s intricate design, you may be struck at first by how random it’s path seems to be. Yes, there are twists & turns, followed by relatively straight stretches, then more twists & turns but no choices (unlike a maze) and no decisions to make. There is one path to follow and it leads to the center. You could say that walking the labyrinth is “going with the flow of life” and trusting that you are being Divinely guided the whole time.

Walking the labyrinth creates a space to temporarily silence our linear, productive lives, clearing the way for creativity. Experience in the labyrinth as you walk and sit in a place with your eyes opened or closed with a empty & meditative mind.

It may be helpful for you to go through the process aware that the journey to the center, the rosette, is about leaving behind “doing-ness” and the pressures of your world and immersing yourself in a sacred space as you find a sense of silence and surrender. When you reach the center, you have symbolically come to a place of creative tension where memories and feelings may emerge. You may find it rewarding to stay there for a while. Finally as you go back towards the beginning, you are symbolically as well as realistically, taking what you have received back out into the world.

Whether or not you are attuned with the ancient & sacred symbolism of the labyrinth, the act of quieting your mind and sitting in it, can bring you to a place of great peace.

A Pathway to Prayer

O God of many paths, I stand before this labyrinth today, a metaphor of my journey to you. I have been taught that “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line” and so, I have often modeled my journey to you on the straight line. But you, God of infinite patience, have shown me that there is another path, a curved path. On this path, my anticipation is heightened as I approach the center, only to be led out again to periphery. This path more closely resembles life itself. If I just put one foot in front of the other, it may seem at times as if I am not approaching my goal, while in fact, I am drawing closer all the time. You are a God of surprises and mystery and I don’t control the path. The labyrinth is a symbol of my surrender to mystery, trusting, not knowing for certain, that the path which curves in and out again ultimately leads to the center which is you!!!

Jean Sonneberg

Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight into the spiritual journey. It urges action. It calms people in the throes of life transitions. It helps them see their lives in the context of a path, a pilgrimage. They realize they are not human beings on a spiritual path, but spiritual beings on a human path.

Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress

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At March Motorcars, located in Lexington, NC, we want to provide you with the best automotive experience possible. Jeff & I have been in our family business over 26 years with having many years in the new car business. We consign vehicles for others without charging a fee. We take trade in's and purchase from private individuals. We feel that treating the customer right along with having the vehicles mechanically checked out and in great condition along with great pricing is the key to success. We can advise others how to sell their vehicle if they want to sell it themselves. We handle all the DMV paperwork without charging an administrative or documentation fee. We assist with securing financing so it makes the buying process easier and hassle free. We have a labrynth near a pond if our customers would like to walk it while they wait for service. Come see how homey our dealership is. Friendly & Easy is our middle name!!!

With our knowledgeable sales staff and an selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs, we hope to earn your business. Let us help you find the perfect vehicle!

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